Welcome to ACT Medical Group, your premier mobile physician service.

Our mission is to deliver the comfort and simplicity of a doctor's office directly to your doorstep. We specialize in home visits for patients who find it challenging to travel to a doctor's office because of their health issues.

Our goal is to offer top-tier medical care to patients confined to their homes. Imagine receiving a doctor's office level of care without stepping outside your door—that's the convenience ACT Medical Group's physicians bring to you. We work closely with hospitals to guarantee that you receive the highest standard of care possible.



Our commitment is centered on delivering exceptional medical services with unparalleled customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to fulfill your healthcare needs.

We dispatch our seasoned medical directors and/or nurse practitioners directly to the homes of patients to provide personalized medical care.

Additionally, we assess patients to determine if they are homebound and require at-home care, issuing referral orders as needed. Our medical directors are also responsible for signing essential documents like Form 485, Physician orders, Face-to-Face encounters for eligible patients, prescription refills, and addressing non-urgent health concerns.

We also prioritize comprehensive follow-up care, ensuring patients who prefer to be seen in the comfort of their own homes receive the continuous support and attention they need.

Our aim is to ensure that every interaction and service we provide meets the high standards our patients expect and deserve.



Dedicated to serving both God and humanity, our mission is to offer superior and accessible mobile healthcare solutions aimed at enhancing the well-being of our patients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate the overall health of our patients to their highest possible level by delivering exceptional and empathetic care through our team of visiting healthcare professionals. We strive to not only meet but exceed the healthcare needs of those we serve by integrating compassion with high-quality medical practices.